Butchered, I tell you! (originally posted 25 January 06)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunday, I finally decided to get a haircut. My last one had been sometime in October. Matthew and I went in together, this being his third haircut in Korea. In anticipation of a hot, muggy summer, unlike anything I've experienced before, I have been planning to grow my hair longer. I'd like to have it at least long enough to pull up off my neck.

I missed the first warning sign. While my hair was being shampooed, the stylist presented MATTHEW with a photo book...asking HIM to pick my new hairstyle. Knowing better, he refused and told the stylist she needed to ask me. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this until after my hair was already gone.

Next, I was shown the book. I kept pointing at longer styles and indicating that I only wanted a trim. Yeah...so imagine my surprise when she just started hacking off my hair. Yes, I am exagerrating, but it's much shorter than I wanted. She also thinned it with the razor-scissor dealy-bobber, which is actually pretty good -- that's the cut I had before -- but it means it will take that much longer to grow out again. It's not a tragic event, but I'm still a little upset. I'm really apprehensive about getting another haircut. Maybe I can just wait until I'm home in December!

I think I'll also have to wait until December to buy any pants. In the same shop where I saw the anti-Bushy sign, there was a table of really cute pajama separates: drawstring pants and camisole tops. I was looking for a size on the pants, when a very helpful salesgirl tried to help. She pointed to the sign listing the price. I explained I was looking for a size, and she told me they were "one-size-fits-all." I held up a pair and saw there was NO WAY IN HELL those were going to fit me. She commented, "Face is small." I wanted to reply, "But ASS is big." However, I stifled this comment and explained, with the help of some hand gestures, that Korean women are very narrow-hipped, while I am simply not. Maybe I could buy two pairs and sew them together. I'm the short-haired, big-arsed white girl. Peace out!


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I about pissed myself imagining you and the helpful Korean lady. Oh, I have been there about fifty times. "Face is small." Gold.

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