I'm done.

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is the final chapter in the Bossy Grandmother saga, because I've dealt with her for the last time.

When Liam and I got into the elevator early this morning (en route to the beach), she was there. She suddenly realized that I'm pregnant, although I swear she asked me the first time I encountered her. Maybe she thought I hadn't lost my baby weight from Liam, or maybe she pesters so many foreign women with toddlers that she has me confused. (That was sarcasm, as I think I'm the only foreign woman in town with a toddler.) At any rate, she proceeded to tell me that Liam is too young for me to have another baby. I said he's 20 months now. The new baby isn't due until January. They'll be 25 months apart. I don't know why I bothered. She kept insisting that they're too close together. "Whatever," I said in English as I fled the elevator.

What an evil, toxic woman. She has never said a positive word to me, other than to refer to my son as "friend" (chingu) when talking to her grandson. (All Koreans seem to do this when they have a toddler anywhere near Liam's age.)

So I'm done. When I see her from now on, I'm going to ignore her. I don't speak or understand any Korean when she's around. That's one perk of being a foreigner.


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Wow, I couldn't handle the never ending opinions coming from her either. I think you lasted longer than I would have.


I'm glad you're done, and I look forward to hearing how she takes it. I wish I were there or that plane tickets weren't a thousand dollars! I would love to hang out with you and join you in doing terrible things to your son in front of grandmas (Like letting him play in puddles)just to watch their brains leak out their ears.

oh man Catherine! you're sound like my sister and her MIL! hehe! How funny, just the other night I was out with an unni drinking and we were talking about our crazy Korean mothers....haha

I think that crazy grandma and my sisters mother in law would get along just fine! ha!

what the heck...i meant, "sounding" oops =)

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