first real haircut

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liam didn't have much hair until after we came to Korea. I've been cutting his hair since then because, well, I'm cheap. Also, it's part of my child security plan. Who wants to kidnap the freaky waegook child who looks like a shaggy little orphan and throws temper tantrums in public? But finally, I had to admit that Liam's hair would be better off in the hands of a professional.

We took him to "Pama," which is just down the street from the Puma store and shares the same distinctive cat silhouette on its sign. (Have I mentioned that copyright infringement doesn't seem to be a big concern here?) The owner/stylist speaks English fairly well, does a good job (which includes actually listening to the customer), and has holsters for his scissors. Too cool! He also plays in a local heavy metal band, but is married with a daughter Liam's age and another on the way.

Liam acting shy when we first arrived, despite the fact he's been here numerous times when Matthew & I have gotten haircuts.

Getting braver, he sits in a normal chair while Matthew gets his hair cut.

Finally, it's Liam's turn and he gets to sit in a special car chair! He did fairly well, although I did have to hold his hands some of the time.

Looking wistful afterwards

And presenting a side view of his "like Dad's, but longer" haircut.

Unfortunately, he refused to pose nicely with the hair stylist.


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Temper tantrum? Not my grandson!

He is such a big boy now! Wow!

Man, Catherine. Liam looks more like you (in the face, that is) every day.

We surely do miss you guys.

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