just another day in "paradise"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It rained until noon -- thunder, lightning, the works -- then abruptly stopped and the sun came out.

Just when we'd decided that nursery school wasn't going to work out, because Liam didn't want to go, he pitched a fit that Matthew was going to return his backpack. So Matthew took him to school, paid for June, left him there crying, and...this was the first day he didn't bite anyone. He was in a great mood when I picked him up.

At the playground, some kids let their dog crap all over the playground. I supplied the "water tissue" (baby wipes) to clean up the dog poop. Maybe 10 minutes later, a dead mouse seemingly materialized from out of nowhere. One minute everything was fine, the next minute one of the moms was standing on a bench screaming. All the other moms kind of wandered off, leaving almost a dozen elementary school kids to poke at the poor, dead, most likely disease-infested rodent. My friend finally went to fetch a doorman to dispose of it. He apparently just threw it on top of the bagged garbage in the dumpster area.

On the way home, waiting for the elevator, a grandmother was trying to figure out Rowan's gender. Another mom told her that he's a boy. So then she asked me if both boys were, well, boys. And she actually gestured at herself, like, "Do they have penises?" I replied in English, "Yes, they have penises." (I also told her in Korean that they are both sons.)

The last thing was actually yesterday, but I got stuck in the elevator going down with nosy grandmother. She was babbling away to Rowan, then suddenly reached out and touched my breast. What? I told her (in Korean), "Don't touch me," and looked at her like she's insane, which I seriously think she may be.

Seriously weird. Is it a full moon?


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If you wanted ordinary, you should have stayed in the States.

That storm was pretty freaky; it got really dark really quick. Were your little guys upset by the storm?

I agree, ordinary is pretty boring. Just a lot of weird stuff happening in one day. (Well, day and a half.)

I love thunder storms and neither of the boys were scared. Liam just asked, "What's that?" Neither of them had any problems sleeping.

The no-biting thing was just straight-up awesome. That event can repeat daily. I never thought I would be so insanely proud that my offspring kept his teeth to himself for a day. Ah, parenting is humbling.

She was probably asking you if you breastfeed him/them. Halmonis and ajummas will be impressed if you do and they don't have the same inhibitions about women's breasts if they might be lactating.

I've had the same experiences.

She was talking to the baby, but I'm sure that's why she decided she needed to touch me. She's asked him before if mommy's milk is delicious. As if he has anything to compare it to...

I've had plenty of women ask if I'm breastfeeding, usually they gesture to or touch their own breasts.

It's just the history I've had with this woman that makes her actions so offensive. She's the most negative, intrusive person I've met in Korea.

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