another day, another walk

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday, it was not raining. In fact, it was quite warm. We decided to check out a nearby hysterical (I mean, historical) site: a traditional thatch-roofed house that was just recently discovered. We didn't really get to check out the house, but the views from the hill where it's located are great. You can see so much of the city.

From there, we continued to wander through neighborhoods of traditional houses until we came out on the main road near the beach. Liam and I played in the water a bit, then we walked back to the main road to catch a bus home. On the way, we made an interesting discovery: a restaurant that apparently serves rabbit soup (ttoki-tang). Matthew is anxious to try it.


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The "recently discovered" part got me wondering. How could they have just discovered it? Don't people get out much?
Love the photos of where you live - quite a combination of old and new.

Matthew thinks it must have been reconstructed or something -- probably just the ruins were found on that hill when they were going to build something there. Who knows?

ewww...what's wrong with my peeps?!?! that's just nasty! and sad =(
I love bunnies!
we have tons of them running around the lab where I work...

the pics look great...!!!!

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