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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liam & JunMin share JunMin's ride on an outing

One morning a few weeks ago, Matthew, Liam and I met MinJeong and her son, JunMin, at the playground. JunMin is one month older than Liam. As the boys were playing together, we adults conversed. MinJeong's English isn't perfect, but she's very willing to try. We made plans for her to come over for tea (basically, a play date) the next day, then realized that we are both pregnant with our second child, due in January.

Since then, we've gotten together at least a few times a week. With the help of the dictionary on her mobile phone (Korean "hand phones" come with accessories, to say the least), we're able to discuss all kinds of topics. If I ever actually study, she's willing to help me learn Korean. (I have a CD/book set, but just haven't found the time.) Mostly, it's great just to hang out with another mom and have a playmate for Liam. The boys have similar temperaments and get along pretty well.

One day, we went to a play date at her friend's house. She knows a group of moms that all have children around the same age. There were two little girls there, one a few weeks younger than Liam and another two months older. Strangely enough all four moms (including me, of course) are due with their second child in January. MinJeong's friends don't speak English as well as she does, but with her help in translating, we were able to commiserate about nausea, etc.

We usually get together in the afternoon, after Liam's nap, since JunMin is on the normal Korean toddler schedule of staying up until 11p.m. or midnight, and then sleeping in until nearly noon. (Also, we like to spend family time before Matthew goes to work after lunch.) The drawback for Matthew and everyone else at A.P. is that Liam doesn't always make his evening appearance at the school.


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