sokcho's downtown facelift

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sokcho has recently (like over the past year, with project completion projected for December) reinvented her downtown shopping area as "Rodeo Street." In Hangul, that's 로대오, like the shopping district in Beverly Hills. Yeah... At any rate, the renovations look great. If you'd like to read more, there's a Korea Post article including a picture of the mayor (who is not the man who posed with Liam at the walking festival).

the sign at the beginning of downtown:

The boys, Matthew's parents, and I walking down the street:

a new water-sewer maintenance cover featuring the Sokcho mascot:

continuing the rodeo theme, I think this is supposed to be a bull painted in the intersection:

all the bus stops have been replaced:

another wide street view:

I think this is the "lovers' plaza" mentioned in the article:

really cool sidewalk art:


one of the water fountains in the middle of the four-lane road. (This is an accident waiting to happen, as Liam desperately wants to play in those fountains whenever he sees them. He's not the only toddler I've seen straining to escape mother's grip.)

Matthew prepares to cross a snazzy crosswalk:

the bull at "Sokcho Plaza" represents how well-endowed Sokcho is ; )

I don't think this is actually new, but I enjoy the random bull-with-Korean-flag, most likely decorating a restaurant that serves hanu beef.

And this guy, the owner of a local eye glass shop, proudly proclaims his love. Sorry, I'm too lazy to bother translating the rest of the sign:


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