and more bugs!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

While walking along the coast this weekend, Matthew spotted a preying mantis. They're amazingly calm and curious creatures.

This one climbed across Matthew's back, but totally escaped the notice of Rowan, who was riding in the Ergo. Oh, well...probably best for the mantis to escape notice.

The mantis is on Matthew's finger:

And, some less fortunate bugs, as seen today at Mt. Seorak:

Yes, it probably is what you think it is...fried grasshoppers. (Click on the picture for a closer view.) Several Koreans who walked by while Matthew was taking pictures expressed some disgust, so it's not like ALL Koreans like them...unlike 번데기 (beondegi).

Disclaimer: That last bit was a joke, about all Koreans liking beondegi. But I've been told that schoolchildren love them, and besides being sold fresh in hiking areas and near schools throughout the country, one can buy them canned at the grocery store. So, obviously SOMEONE in Korea likes to eat silkworm pupae.


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ewww GROSS
I used to HATE it when my mom cooked that larva crap in the would stink up the whole place and make me still does >.<

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