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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Several times each week Matthew brings home essays and diary entries to correct. Some are from his advanced classes and are well written. Most of them are assigned by his Korean co-workers and those can be the most entertaining. I often help him correct them because (a) I might as well use the degree we're still paying for and (b) they're entertaining.

It's good to know that Matthew's skills as a native English teacher will be needed as long as we choose to stay here.

Here are a few of ones.

#1: Subject: My characterist!
Feb/21 (토요일)

My mom called me.
"[Girl's name]! 2 Socks gave down on street."
but, I gave down one box socks.
So, My mom said, "You're foolish."
And, I come back home.
I thought for foolish.
"[Girl's name]"

#2: Untitled

Today, I went the kumdo academy. And I start kumdo. Today I had worn hogu. After about 10 minutes. Suddenly, I felt the call of nature. So I had tried to go. I nearly taken bamboo knife in bathroom of forgetand. In bathroom, someone turn off the bathroom light. But, my friend is turn on the light. After about 40 minutes, I went home. But, I nearly taken bamboo knife in home. I may be amnesia.

#3: Sunday, Feb. 22nb

Today I ate a hamburger. It is very delicious. embryo was very very sick. So I go to the bed.
I think, 'I may have a stomachache.'
But, no It was Ok.
I will not eat hamburgers...
The hamburger may have spoiled.


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that was hilarious!

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