to market, to market

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As we were walking through the traditional market the other day, I thought about how we no longer think twice about sights that originally seemed so strange. Okay, I will admit that some of them are still strange. I'll add that we don't do most of our shopping here. We buy produce occasionally, but mostly come down for beans (pinto, black, etc.) that we can't find elsewhere and the little foreign food shop that has good prices.

Matthew & Liam exploring

fairly normal produce

dried fish (anchovies on the bottom, with squid strips and shrimp above)

and more dried fish

fresh seaweed

and dried seaweed

many varieties of kimchi

not to be confused with..."Korean freezer food"

and more "freezer food"


the dried squid for which Sokcho is known

and, finally...outside a butcher's stall...I'll let you figure out what it is:


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