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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I interrupt my regular blogging for this unscheduled post of sentimentality:

This is for "Around the World in 80 Clicks." I was tagged by Sarah of Quest for Cuteness.

Five things I love about being a mom:

1. Seeing the world from another perspective. Everything is exciting and when they're happy, they're happy all over.

2. 100% genuine smiles, both toothless and toothy, aimed just at me.

3. Questioning authority & conventional wisdom. Why can't kids splash in puddles & play in the dirt?

4. Seeing personalities develop day by day, an intriguing blend of nurture & nature.

5. Fierce, unconditional love, the likes of which I've never experienced before.

And, since the original idea was to let moms admit to those things they don't love, here are two things I miss about being childless:

1. Completing tasks from beginning to end sequentially and in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Going places alone, whether it be running errands, going out for a drink with friends, etc.

I tag Amy of She Spilled the Milk Again and Amber from Of Bees, Bums and Butterfly Milk.


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Hey lady nice blossoms. They match your new blog design.

Also, I'd love to see the blogs of who tagged you/who you tagged (besides me of course) Can you link to them?

They're already linked. Don't they work for you?

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