obligatory cherry blossom post

Monday, April 13, 2009

Many foreigners in Korea have blogs and they all seem to be posting pictures of the cherry blossoms. It makes sense. After a long, cold winter, the cherry blossoms are a sign that spring is finally here. Oh, and they're gorgeous. Unfortunately, strong winds have wiped out many of the blossoms, just like they did with the changing leaves this fall. Despite this, I was able to get some decent pictures as we walked around the lake with our friend Julia and her son JeongHyun on Saturday.

Okay, this first picture has nothing to do with the blossoms. I snapped a picture using the mirror at Julia's between the wonderful lunch she prepared for us and our hike. Rowan (in the baby carrier) is just too stinkin' cute to leave this out, though.

Matthew & Liam walking in the bike path

Liam checking out a fish statue, which he proceeded to "feed" rocks.

I don't know why the Sokcho mascot looks so angry as he tells you how far it is to BeomBawi (Tiger Rock).

I tried to be subtle in snapping a picture of old people picking weeds. Wash them, toss them in some sesame oil and gochujang (red pepper paste) and you have a very inexpensive side dish.


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Dude, Rowan TOTALLY looks like Liam in that first picture! It's uncanny!

I'll admit that. The main differences between them are their noses and their hair. They do have the same big blue eyes & basic face shape.

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