poop, police & physical exhaustion: a night from hell

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liam took a nap yesterday. This violates one of my unofficial rules, "Don't let Liam take a nap," but I was exhausted after two nights of Rowan waking up every two hours to nurse. There are two reasons for this rule: he wakes up in a horrible mood and then he stays up late. Both of those proved true...and, of course, I didn't get much sleep while he was napping. That's the back story that leads up to the night from hell.

9pm: Liam freaks out because I put on Baby Signing Time instead of more Open Season, which I take as a sign he's ready for bed. He wants to sleep in our bed, which I consent to because I just want to go to bed myself.

9:15: Matthew gets home from work. Liam is still awake, so is Rowan. We both try to get Liam to go to sleep, while I try to get Rowan to nurse to sleep. No luck.

10:30: Matthew decides to take a shower. Liam decides to "sleep" in his own bed. Rowan takes such a massive poop that it results in his first shower. I hold him while Matthew hoses off the entire bottom half of his body. Liam gets out of bed to watch this circus.

10:45: Rowan finally nurses to sleep.

11:00: Matthew, Liam & I all fall asleep in the big bed.

12:00: I wake up to the sound of Matthew yelling in English and [Korean]. Liam is sleeping with his head on my chest. After a few moments, I piece together that Matthew is yelling at some drunk who is trying to get into our apartment. "Not your house...[my home]...Go away...[Go! Go!]" (He also said our building and apartment numbers, hoping that would register with the guy that he was at the wrong place.) The guy is yelling, pounding on our door, ringing the doorbell, yanking on the door handle, and trying to use our keyless entry.

Matthew asks me what police telephone number is. I only know 119, which is apparently the fire department. He tries that, asking for someone who speaks English. He tries to communicate what is happening. Who knew that the word "drunk" would be useful to know? Finally, he gets someone to send a police officer to our place. Throughout the entire phone call and for a minute or two after, the guy is still trying to get in. Of course, by the time the police officers arrive he's gone.

Then Matthew is stuck trying to explain the situation to two officers who do not speak English. They call someone who supposedly does and give the phone to Matthew. He has to explain that no, HE is not drunk, some drunk Korean was trying to get into the apartment. No, he doesn't know who the man is, he didn't open the door, etc. The officers seem to understand. They will hang around for a few minutes in case he comes back. He doesn't. At this point, we're both wide awake, although the boys managed to sleep (although fitfully) through it.

The rest of the night was a blur of attempts at sleep, punctuated by Rowan waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse, and Liam tossing and turning, occasionally crying out for no known reason.

9am: Rowan & Liam are both up. Matthew & I drink coffee. It's going to be a very long day.


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Not long before we left in December, there was a drunk guy pounding on the apartment 2 or 3 doors down from us at like 2 am. It was bad enough when it was someone else's problem. I can only imagine how bad it would be if it were my problem.

Father-in-Law from Hell said...
April 17, 2009 at 6:45 AM

I don't recall having any problems like this with our sons or neighbors!

Hope you all get some rest this week.

(Alzheimers can be a blessing.)

Ah, this made me laugh! I'm glad someone else has these crazy nights! And the giant poops to clean up.... ouch....

Unbelievable! I hope you were able to get a nap in yourself the next day.

Your police encounter sounds embarrassing. It can be kind of scary to have a drunk trying to get in, though. It happened to me in Las Vegas. Adjoining rooms = BAD.

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